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The first week of 2010

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Well what a start to the New Year 2010. As previously posted we have had a few difficulties this week due to the heavy snowfall and icy conditions we all have been experiencing.

Just as we thought we were up together with everything, the roads finally being gritted and a long awaited oil delivery arriving we then have suffered a power failure, in on of our locations.

This has resulted in a period of the day when our phones will have either appeared permanently engaged or simply ringing with no response. We have been in the office all day, honestly :)

At the time of writing 18:15 on Friday we seem to have resolved the issue having re-routed our calls via another switchboard. Please do accept our apologies if you have encountered problems.

Until the next post, have a good weekend!

Winter freeze information

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Well the winter weather certainly has arrived making the first business week of 2010 rather challenging, to say the least.

We are located close to London Gatwick Airport which was closed for an unprecented period of time on Tuesday and Wednesday, almost 24 hours, due to the heavy snowfall.

Despite the weather we have been operating pretty much as usual, although we have struggled with delayed postal services and deliveries. The increased capacity to our CD and DVD duplication and printing capability, added in 2009 has certainly assisted in ensuring all orders are actioned without any delay. In fact we now have possibly the largest colour thermal re-transfer disc print capacity in the UK.

Please accept our sincere apologies if you have experienced delays with either your approval copy or production CD’s and DVD’s. We continue to work closely with our couriers to ensure that all despatches find their way as expediously as feasible.

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