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The UKs number one in CD & DVD duplication

CD duplication and DVD duplication

Live Wire Duplication specialises in CD duplication and the associated paper printing. We are located close to Gatwick, West Sussex but service contracts through out the UK. All our work is carried out in-house to the highest standards, utilising the most up-to-date equipment and quality materials to ensure a reliable and consistent end product.

We have been in the duplication industry for since 1988, starting in the good old days of cassettes! Technology improves over time and we feel we’ve done the same - we are proud of our customer service and commitment to maintaining our excellent reputation for delivering efficient, affordable and high quality CD & DVD products.

We service any size duplication run; whether you need just 10 copies or 1000’s, we can assist - no job is too small or too large. As well as copying CDs and DVDs, we cater for all print requirements from black thermal on-disc print to full colour coverage on-disc print and various paper parts. You can see examples of the print options in artwork specs.

We hold a diverse client portfolio that includes; exhibition organisers, hypnotherapists, up and coming bands, local health & education authorities, corporate contracts and numerous data related projects to name but a few

To make your research easier, we have implemented an instant on-line quote facility to help you in obtaining a quick quote (we appreciate how frustrating it is waiting for someone to get back to you with a price!). We don’t ask you for any personal information and there is no log in required - just select what you want and get your price - simple.

CD Replication

Whilst we carry out all CD duplication work in house for CD replication we have partnered with several European ISO certified plants. This ensures that we are able to offer the best quality product at some incredible prices.

The primary reasons for choosing replication over duplication will be the size of the production run and time frame available. The minimum size replication run is 1000 pieces. All manner of packaging is available, such as digi-pacs, standard jewel cases and card wallets. One point to note is that all artwork needs to be supplied in the correct templates which we will supply-every plant has slightly different setups, so using the wrong template is not an option!!

The manufacturing process for CD replication is entirely different from CD duplication which results in no pre-production proof being available as is with the duplication process. Standard on disc print methods are either offset - litho or screen print. Production time is usually 12-14 working days, although during the peak period (Sept-Dec) it may take a little longer.

CD Duplication

As one of the oldest companies in the CD duplication industry we have been able to move with the times and adapt to the changing needs of our customers. Our development work means we can now take on both large and small CD duplication projects. At Live Wire Duplication you are bound to find cost efficient products that will meet your CD duplication needs. We also offer packaging options for the finished product to meet specific customer requirements.

CD Printing

We have a range of CD printing options from CD inserts to on disc printing. We also ensure that our customers have the option to fully customise their CD printing. Our site also enables you to sign up for a free CD printing sample. The pre printed CD printing samples will provide you with an idea of what on-disc print methods we have available. We also have several special offers which you can take advantage of by logging on.

DVD Replication and Packaging

All our DVD replication is carried out in the most modern ISO certified production facilities available in Europe. We have partnered with several plants which means we can be certain of superb pricing and absolutely the best production quality. We currently can offer either single layer DVD (4.7Gb) and dual layer DVD (8.5Gb) as 120mm discs or single layer 80mm discs (1.4Gb) As with CD Replication, DVD replication has a minimum size production run of 1000 units and all manner of packaging available. Production time is typically 12-14 working days.

DVD Printing

Live Wire Duplication have a variety of DVD printing services. DVD printing is an ideal way to add a professional look and feel to your DVD discs. We are able to print directly on to discs or produce professional DVD inserts for you. You will find help on DVD printing specifications so that you have the exact measurements when putting together designs for your discs. So go ahead and lend that personal and professional touch to your DVD's by using our DVD printing services.

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